Teleworking and energy efficiency

Today, due to the pandemic unleashed by Covid-19, better known as coronavirus, where staying at home and avoiding travel as much as possible is essential to curb the possibilities of contagion, and take care of each other, remote work fulfills a momentous role.

Also known as teleworking, this is a subject in which our Government, led by President Sebastián Piñera, had already been working with the technological revolution of the 21st century in mind. The current context puts us all to the test to open this possibility to fulfill our work obligations, but with greater flexibility, from our homes or elsewhere, making other spaces in our lives compatible.

But, we must bear in mind that working from our homes forces us to use more energy than we are usually used to. That is why energy efficiency is essential to move towards remote work. We must use less energy, without losing comfort, which also allows us to save our economic resources.

In this framework, from the Ministry of Energy we have activated the campaign “Let’s take care of our energy” so that together we can get ahead of this pandemic and improve energy efficiency in our homes.

These are the main recommendations: 1. Plan tasks for the day and prefer to turn off the computer after work. 2. Activate the hibernate or suspend mode during lunch hours or in meetings that do not require the computer turned on. 3. Choose a fresh place with natural lighting. 4. Consumption in stand-by or vampire consumption corresponds to a 9.2% total average of a home. Turn off or unplug unused appliances. 5. Turn off the TV if you’re not watching it. 6. Ventilate your home for at least 10 minutes, early in the morning or in the afternoon to regulate humidity and / or overheating. 7. Take short showers. 8. Cook for more than one person. 9. Use full load dishwashers and washing machines. 10. Take advantage of the sun to dry clothes.



We can all help. How do you save energy?

(Source: Communications Ministry of Energy)

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