Knowledge, research and technology are fundamental aspects to promote the development of society. In the energy sector, the appearance of new technologies, more efficient, cheaper and with less environmental impact that improve the living conditions of the population are the basis for guaranteeing a sustainable energy transition.

We invite you to be part of the constant innovation of the energy sector, in this space in which we will share information on projects, experiences, regulations, among others, related to the development and implementation of innovative measures in the sector as well as what is related to progress of investigations in the matter.

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Desarrollan una técnica que podría revolucionar la extracción del litio para las baterías de los coches eléctricos

El hidróxido de litio (que se produce a partir de una reacción química entre el carbonato de litio y el hidróxido de calcio), uno de los principales ingredientes de las baterías de los coches eléctricos y de...

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