We make available to our users the public access to the products generated by the Latin American Energy Organization such as: the Virtual Library, the Energy Documentation Center Network (REALC), the Energy Journal of Latin America and the Caribbean (ENERLAC), the Energy Information System (SIELAC) and the Repository of Past Courses. Resources that are sources of valuable information to reinforce learning during the trainings offered by OLADE.

It is an important free and open access bibliographic collection that is continually updated. It has printed and digital documentation of articles and studies on issues related to the energy sector in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Consultation platform made up of documentation centers and libraries of energy ministries and secretariats of the Olade Member Countries, as well as organizations and institutions of higher education related to the energy sector in the region. 

It is an institutional publication of the Latin American Energy Organization, with a biannual periodicity, in which the results of research and scientific works of a technical nature are compiled from the energy sector of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

It is an information repository from the year 1970 to the present on issues related to: Energy Balances, Greenhouse Gases, Economic – Energy Indicators, Supply and Demand, Prices, Reserves, Potentials and Energy Infrastructure. 

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